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June 8, 2021
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Activated Alumina Balls


Activated Alumina Desiccant Supplier

Kexing is a top-notch supplier of activated alumina desiccant in China. Our quality and on-time delivery with high-speed logistical support shape us into one of the best alumina desiccants and activated alumina balls manufacturers in the region. Many companies dealing in activated alumina balls have recently exploded on the market. No company comes closer to us in terms of innovation, however, because we always acquire a workforce that understands continuous innovation.

Activated Alumina Balls that Provide Value

As a result of the following characteristics:

Adsorption capacity is very high.
Low abrasion means less dusting and a lower pressure drop.
The high crush strength is used to reduce plume while pouring.
Why Kexing as Your Activated Alumina Balls Supplier
We’ll make it possible for you to earn more money.

You can scale your business by closing quality buyers using our activated alumina desiccant. Many corporate businesses have grown from a few thousand to multi-million dollar enterprises by working with us. Also, we assist clients by advising them on how alumina balls can best meet their needs. We have a qualified, polite, and humble client support team. They understand how to deal with buyers. Our staff assists clients in learning how to use the products and never leaves them alone once the transaction is completed. We provide comfort, and “ease of working with” is our trademark. We fully comprehend our clients’ businesses during our discussions with them. Our staff gain insight into buyers’ brands and eventually advise them on how our products can help them. We understand that each product serves a different purpose, and we help them understand this concept as well.

Products are Not Expensive.

Our headquarter is in China. Our team understands how economies of scale work. We have mastered the art of producing products at the lowest possible cost since our inception in 2008. The same is true for our prices. When compared to other activated alumina desiccant suppliers, our prices are more than competitive. Activated Alumina has a large surface area, many micro-pores, and is well dispersed, so it has a high affinity for water/impurity and is an active catalyst.

There are three types of activated alumina balls based on their applications: activated alumina sorbent activated alumina desiccant and carbon molecular sieve manufacturer. Meanwhile, the crystal phase’s interior composition was divided into modes Y and X-P. The activated balls are widely used as a drying agent for various gases and liquids, as well as a sorbent, desiccant, and catalyst support in reactors for the petrochemical industry, fertilizer industry, chemical industry, and so on.