Activated Alumina Desiccant
Activated Alumina Balls
June 8, 2021
Orange silica
Orange Silica Gel
June 8, 2021

Blue Silica Gel


The blue color silica gel divides into the blue rubber indicator, the color deterioration silica gel and the blue rubber, the outward appearance for the blue color or the light blue glassy pellet, may divide into the sphere and the massive two kinds according to the grain shape, after having the moisture absorption, own color changes the red characteristic by the blue color.



  • The gel is mainly used for absorbing moisture for apparatus, instruments, and equipment in airproof condition to avoid them from rusting, and indicating the environmental relative humidity due to its obvious color change.
  • The gel is mainly used for indicating desiccant’s absorbing degree and environmental relative humidity by being mixed with common silica gel in proportion. Besides, it is also widely used in precision apparatus, leather, shoes, garment, food, drug and household electric appliance industries as silicon gel desiccant.


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