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September 17, 2020
Molecular Sieve
June 8, 2021

Carbon Molecular Sieve


Best Carbon Molecular Sieve Manufacturer

Kexing Chemical Packing Co., Limited (Kexing) is a leading carbon molecular sieve manufacturer in China. We are a desiccant supplier company that manufactures, develops, installs, supports, and transports a range of mass transfer equipment and ceramic products for

  • petrochemical market,
  • water treatment market,
  • high-temperature combustion technology and a few more.

Why Choose Us as Carbon Molecular Sieve Manufacturer


Reliability is a factor that keeps Kexing above the rest of molecular sieve manufacturers. We make sure our one-time customers become our repeated clients. We ask and confirm from the clients about the specs of their order. We then deliver what we have confirmed earlier.

Quick Turn Around Time

We have one of the fastest turnaround times as a carbon molecular sieve manufacturer if you compare it with our peers. We believe that our clientele is intact majorly because of this factor. Today, no corporate buyer can relax due to the heavy load of orders. Therefore, we can be the best match for you in this regard.

Quality Control

We are an ISO: 9001 certified organization. We have our separate Quality Control (QC) department, which ensures error-free production. We test each of our batch production for quality assurance.

What Sets Us Apart as  Carbon Molecular Sieve Manufacturer


We have qualified engineers and other staff at our manufacturing facility. Both we and the staff bring in all the knowledge they have acquired over the years in the activated alumina molecular sieve industry. Our experience and knowledge together make a deadly combination that makes us a one-of-a-kind carbon molecular sieve manufacturer in the industry.


We start with the customer’s needs and end with what will make our customers satisfied. We are a client-centric organization that remains sensitive to buyers’ pain points. We know what customers are suffering from and what they need to resolve their issues.

Client Support

Since we are selling online as well, we offer 24/7 customer support to our buyers. We do not leave our customers alone once they get their order. We keep on guiding our clients on how to use our product.

We are a dedicated carbon molecular sieve manufacturer that has a mission to serve clients in the best possible manner. So, contact us now!

Nitrogen generation by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process is a technology used to separate nitrogen from a mixture of gases under pressure according to the special selective adsorption characteristics of the Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS).


The Carbon molecular sieve is a material containing tiny pores of a precise and uniform size that is used as an adsorbent for gases. When the pressure is high enough, the oxygen molecules, which pass through the pores of CMS much faster than the nitrogen molecules, are adsorbed, while the coming out nitrogen molecules will be enriched in gas phase. The enriched oxygen air, adsorbed by the CMS, will be released by reducing the pressure. Then the CMS is regenerated and ready for another cycle of producing nitrogen enriched air.


Physical Properties

Diameter of the CMS granule: 1.3mm, 1.5-1.6mm, 1.7 -1.8mm, 2.0-2.4mm, 2.7-3.2mm

Period of adsorption: 120S

Bulk density: 680 -700g /L

Compressive strength: ≥ 100N/ granule


Technical Parameter

Type Adsorbent pressure(Mpa) Nitrogen concentration (%) Nitrogen quantity
Nitrogen recovery rate (%)(N2/Air)




0.6 99.99 46 ≥21
99.9 100 ≥31
99.5 160 ≥40
99.0 220 ≥45
98.0 250 ≥46
97.0 300 ≥48
0.8 99.99 58 ≥21
99.9 115 ≥31
99.5 185 ≥40
99.0 245 ≥45
98.0 300 ≥46
97.0 355 ≥48




0.6 99.99 60 ≥21
99.9 115 ≥31
99.5 165 ≥40
99.0 250 ≥45
98.0 265 ≥46
97.0 325 ≥48
0.8 99.99 72 ≥21
99.9 140 ≥31
99.5 200 ≥40
99.0 275 ≥45
98.0 325 ≥46
97.0 365 ≥48




0.6 99.99 65 ≥21
99.9 120 ≥31
99.5 175 ≥40
99.0 260 ≥45
98.0 278 ≥46
97.0 335 ≥48
0.8 99.99 85 ≥21
99.9 165 ≥31
99.5 220 ≥40
99.0 280 ≥45
98.0 335 ≥46
97.0 375 ≥48




0.6 99.99 70 ≥21
99.9 130 ≥31
99.5 190 ≥40
99.0 285 ≥45
98.0 305 ≥46
97.0 370 ≥48
0.8 99.99 92 ≥21
99.9 180 ≥31
99.5 240 ≥40
99.0 305 ≥45
98.0 365 ≥46
97.0 410 ≥48


Service scope

The following merits of service:

  • High ratio performance & price, reducing investment cost and operation cost.
  • Large hardness, little ash, long service life, uniform particles which protests air current impact.
  • Stable quality: Testing strictly according to 100% standard of production and ex-factory testing management.
  • The resin uses in producing the high pure nitrogen with good performance which substitutes the similar import products.


PSA Nitrogen Generation Process

  • Air Feed System

The environmental air supplied to the PSA system should be compressed and purified to get rid of the dust, the oil and water.

  • PSA Nitrogen Generation System

While the compressed and purified air flows through the adsorbent bed with CMS inside in a bottom up way under the pressure of 0.6MPa, the oxygen molecules will be adsorbed by the solid surfaces of the CMS, and the enriched nitrogen will be output from the top of the bed to the container. When the adsorbent bed reaches the end of its capacity to adsorb oxygen, it can be regenerated by reducing the pressure, thereby releasing the adsorbed oxygen. Using two adsorbent beds to absorb and regenerate in turn allows producing continuous nitrogen in cycle.