5a molecular sieve
5a Molecular Sieve
June 17, 2022
4a Molecular Sieves
June 17, 2022

Molecular Sieves 13x

Best Molecular Sieves 13x Supplier in China

PINGXIANG KEXING CHEMICAL PACKING CO., LTD is a chemical packaging company that manufactures high-quality products and provides expert technical assistance. We manufacture and export Activated Alumina, Silica Gel, Molecular Sieves 13x, Ceramic Balls, Tower Packing, and Container Desiccant, among other things. We export our equipment to over 60 countries in the cryogenic air separation, industrial oxygen & medial, hydrogen generator, nitrogen, petrochemical, and dehydration industries. At our firms in Henan, Jiangxi, and Shandong, our staff produces 10000-15000MT every year.

What Sets Our Molecular Sieves 13x Apart?

We have a capable and experienced team that can give solutions for any material-related application. Our staff strives to provide high-quality, low-cost, and on-time Molecular Sieves to our customers. We have been in this business long enough to know how to fulfill all of your needs and respond to all of your inquiries. Kexing Chemical takes pride in providing its customers with prompt, knowledgeable, and personalized service.

Benefits of Our Molecular Sieves

Molecular Sieves 13x is know as one of the most reliable desiccants because of its various applications. Including the removal of solvents and grease, refining air by eliminating carbon dioxide and water, etc. Molecular sieves are used to generate oxygen in the PSA oxygen generator because it has a high oxygen production rate and fast rate of adsorption. It performs quite well in the N2 and O2 separation processes.  Our other molecular sieves, such as 4a Molecular Sieves are also of very high quality.